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Simple answer: When you need to accelerate a relationship.

It would be nice if we grew up with the people with whom we interact. Maybe it’s a landlord, or someone who you choose to do business with, or a physician etc, etc. We could know their character, trustability and fairness.

However, many times, we are pressed into quick decisions with new people with whom we do not know those measures of trustability.

In some cases, you may be able to do some background checking, some free and some paid. This will give you a sense of their character. It’s not perfect but it is an improvement.

Did you know: Insurance companies have vigorously studied and proven that there is a valuable correlation between someones’ credit rating and the number of auto accident claims they make?

The lower the credit rating, the more accidents ( or claims) they make. The thinking is that people who are irresponsible with their money are irresponsible with other facets of their life.

Keep in mind that this is statistically sound relationship. Can someone have financial problems not caused by irresponsibility, sure. Someone gets sick and all the money and then some goes. But overall, this works and is valid.

So insurance companies check your credit and adjust your premium up if you have bad credit.

They don’t automatically trust you, they “trust but verify”

Landlords and employers check a prospects credit.

If you want to work for a company requiring a security clearance, they check credit and more. This is because they want to see if you are compromisible… I.E. vulnerable to taking bribes to divulge information because you have debts.

What can you do?

Of course, you can also do light checks on people as well. You can start by looking at their social profile. Friend request them and read their and their friends posts. Don’t look for the outliers, but the general tone. (We all know kooks). Check their tweets, instagrams and other posts.

Try to determine if they have more than one profile. People with dark secrets often do this.

Google them. You will sometimes find arrest records, lawsuit filings and more.

Pay for a background check. Criminal records are often not indexed and kept behind logins in by-state databases requiring someone to search all 50 to be more sure. The same with lawsuits. If someone is a regular sue-happy person, you may not want to move forward with them. A paid search can help with some of this.

I once knew a person who was a sue-happy person, it seemed to be their primary source of income. Every 2 months, they were suing someone for something. These people are toxic and you are potentially on their list. (Tip, one thing I noticed is that they are actually proud of their efforts).

Later this person convinced an organization that I had stole their web site design, which in fact, they had been directed to the source by me (through this person). I got a nasty-gram from them telling me to cease and desist using their website design, when in fact, it was not even theirs. I sent them a URL of the free website design template listing that they were using and never heard back from them.

My point is this one person was disrupting my life AND the organization of which they were part. Not the kind of person I want in my life.

P.S. This person had an alias as well.