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What makes things hard to find – part 2

Prevalence of non-unique information

Unfortunately, there are armies of people who simply take the work of others, make a few edits and search engine optimization modifications, and then publish the variant work. This “article” of course includes a helping of advertisements to create income for the editor of the article.

There is even software to help the author do this! They are known as spinners.

Here’s my above paragraph “spun”

“Sad to say, you will discover armies of people that simply take the task regarding some others, create a handful of edits as well as seo modifications, then publish the actual alternative perform. That “article” naturally has a assisting regarding advertisements to make cash flow with the editor of the post.”

Ok, so this one is pretty bad but you get the idea. All I did was copy and paste my paragraph, press a button and then had “new” content”.

When you are searching, you will be exposed to this type of information in masses and need to develop techniques to overcome this proliferation.