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The Searching Mindset-Part 1

If you take on the right mind set for searching, your searching speed will easily double or more.

Perhaps the biggest mistake most people make is in doing too much of the searching work themselves. Modern searching is a high speed, and high frequency activity that leverages the search engine as much as possible.

Common Mistakes:

  • You may approach looking for something using the Internet like you would search books at the library.
  • The searching process is made up of two parts: the search engine and you. Computers do not understand, they merely match. Diminishing your role is a mistake.
  • Trying to be perfect. Searching is a messy affair. Yous there is a methodical part, but use the power to your advantage… make yourself efficient at the cost of the search engine.

In subsequent posts, I’ll delve into more about the proper mindset. If you want the whole story in one read, consider buying my concise E-book .

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