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Convincing a Craigslist poster to ship

It’s all about trust.

Of course between the African scammers asking you to ship a weight lifting set, to the prevalent no-shows that haunt every seller, if you want someone to ship something to you from Craigslist, you have a serious headwind to overcome. These tips of course have a small financial risk, but if you are on the hunt for something, the risk of losing your money will be worth it.

Here are some tips to convince the seller to ship.

  • First, convince them you are serious. Send them photos of your collection (if you have one). Give them your facebook, twitter and Linkedin addresses.
  • Send them some money in advance on Paypal. Send a few dollars in advance… offer trust first.
  • Give them your telephone number.
  • If you have an Ebay Reputation, give them your name and have them contact you on Ebay
  • Offer to prepay the shipping. Get a shipping label from the post office and mail it to them.
  • Offer to pay for packaging and shipping at a local mailing store like The UPS store.
  • Offer to buy it from them on Ebay