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My Experience with Geneaology and – part 3

Searching Other members Trees. When you are a user of, you basically perform searches to find people you want to add to your family tree, connect them in the place you want, and add additional discovered facts to the people in your tree. So you may have a place for a grandmother, and you find a record of her marriage, you can add that record to her. Here’s the useful thing: Within, you […]

My Experience with Geneaology and – part 2

Dirty Data Wow is geneaological data dirty. I mean bad spellings, outright wrong names, wrong towns, ages, you name it. In the end, all Family research is a probability, not a certainty. The probabilities can be at or near 100% (Like the photo of my Grandfather), but often you are reasonably sure you have the right person. Many times If you are honest with yourself, you can only be somewhat sure. And others you can […]

My Experience with Geneaology and – part 1

It happened as I drove between Peoria Ill and Springfield Ill to visit Lincolns’ home and grave while on a business trip. It happened a few years earlier while teaching a class for a financial firm when I parked in Jersey City at a random lot. It happened another time when I visited Burlington, Mass to teach a class. In all three cases, I was less than 10 miles from ancestors graves or other landmarks… […]

Basics of Finding People

Besides a persons’ name, if you have small bits of information about them it can go a long way. For example, if you know which college they went to, their home town, an interest or hobby. All of these things can GREATLY reduce your hits when searching for a person. Some tips: Google them but make sure to double quote their name in the search box: “John Ellington” Add the extra information that you know: […]