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Basics of Finding People

Besides a persons’ name, if you have small bits of information about them it can go a long way. For example, if you know which college they went to, their home town, an interest or hobby. All of these things can GREATLY reduce your hits when searching for a person. Some tips: Google them but make sure to double quote their name in the search box: “John Ellington” Add the extra information that you know: […]

Convincing a Craigslist poster to ship

It’s all about trust. Of course between the African scammers asking you to ship a weight lifting set, to the prevalent no-shows that haunt every seller, if you want someone to ship something to you from Craigslist, you have a serious headwind to overcome. These tips of course have a small financial risk, but if you are on the hunt for something, the risk of losing your money will be worth it. Here are some […]

The role of your mind in searching

Of course you are involved with every search you perform, but I’m not convinced many people understand how symbiotic the relationship is between themselves and the search engine. I believe that aggressive searching includes a mindset much like playing a sport. Beginners stand there and wait for things to happen, but real players understand the dynamic of their own actions. To be a good player, you must be working to make things happen in your […]

What makes things hard to find – part 2

Prevalence of non-unique information Unfortunately, there are armies of people who simply take the work of others, make a few edits and search engine optimization modifications, and then publish the variant work. This “article” of course includes a helping of advertisements to create income for the editor of the article. There is even software to help the author do this! They are known as spinners. Here’s my above paragraph “spun” “Sad to say, you will […]

What makes things hard to find ? – Part 1

Masking keywords. Sometimes, you may be looking for something that, unfortunately, shares one or more keywords with something else that is very popular. For example, imagine you are looking for a house painter with the name “Disney”. If you go to google and search Disney Painter, you will be overloaded with results that are about the Glpbal media company and not the small business owner you seek. There are solutions to this type of problem […]

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