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Reverse Telephone number lookup

This capability used to be great. You could get a phone number and find out the owner. But Now Caller ID spoofing has greatly diminished the viability of this search in cases where people do not want to be found. Sure It’s fine when you know that the number is legit. but if the person is trying to cover their tracks, they can send ANY telephone number and Identifier text when they call you. This […]

If you are searching for a job, use our new Craigslist tool

I just posted a new tool for searching all Craigslist job types and locations. If you are looking for specific work, telecommuting or remote work or maybe someone who needs your specialty, try out the job searching tool

My Experience with Geneaology and – part 3

Searching Other members Trees. When you are a user of, you basically perform searches to find people you want to add to your family tree, connect them in the place you want, and add additional discovered facts to the people in your tree. So you may have a place for a grandmother, and you find a record of her marriage, you can add that record to her. Here’s the useful thing: Within, you […]

Are you looking for people with particular skills?

Maybe you need skilled help with a technology that is decades old, maybe it is an extremely rare skill. Maybe you are looking for people who attended a particular school or worked for a particular company. Craigslist has a resume section where people can post their resumes. But Craigslist by design only allows you to look in particular geographical locations. With this tool, you can search ALL craigslist resume sites domestically and internationally for specific […]

New global Classified site search tool

I just posted a new searching tool that lets you search 10 different classified sites all at the same time. Etsy, oodle, craigslist, and 7 others searched with one entry and one click. If you are pressing really hard for that rare item, use this tool to save you massive amounts of time. This site searches a few free “swap” type sites as well as more traditional classified sites. In my book, If I am […]

My Experience with Geneaology and – part 2

Dirty Data Wow is geneaological data dirty. I mean bad spellings, outright wrong names, wrong towns, ages, you name it. In the end, all Family research is a probability, not a certainty. The probabilities can be at or near 100% (Like the photo of my Grandfather), but often you are reasonably sure you have the right person. Many times If you are honest with yourself, you can only be somewhat sure. And others you can […]

Hard to find Fabrics

Looking for a specific fabric, weave, or pattern? Vogue fabrics has all kinds on unusual fabrics available. They have snake skin fabric for halloween costumes, fabrics for ROman Age reenactors, sweing patterns, special threads and more.

My Experience with Geneaology and – part 1

It happened as I drove between Peoria Ill and Springfield Ill to visit Lincolns’ home and grave while on a business trip. It happened a few years earlier while teaching a class for a financial firm when I parked in Jersey City at a random lot. It happened another time when I visited Burlington, Mass to teach a class. In all three cases, I was less than 10 miles from ancestors graves or other landmarks… […]

Looking for hard to find and exotic meats?

Are you just craving a Alligator burger? How about some frogs legs? How about a mythical turtle soup? Check out Exotic Meats and more

The Searching Mindset-Part 1

If you take on the right mind set for searching, your searching speed will easily double or more. Perhaps the biggest mistake most people make is in doing too much of the searching work themselves. Modern searching is a high speed, and high frequency activity that leverages the search engine as much as possible. Common Mistakes: You may approach looking for something using the Internet like you would search books at the library. The searching […]

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