Coach Crocodile Luxury Duffle Travel Bag for Sale by Owner

If you are looking for a rare and unusual luxury duffle travel  handbag consider this authenticated, rare Coach Medium Crocodile Duffle Bag.

Coach crocodile Duffle

Coach Varick Croc Medium Duffle Bag – Brown – Style#-77018


I am selling a personally owned bag and offering a total of one item… ever. It is not an eCommerce site but a page detailing one specific bag available for purchase to that one person for which this bag is a perfect match.

The bag has been authenticated by and I have other proof of it’s authenticity. The bag will be sold via Escow at

Contact me to make a serious offer.




Duffle details

The Duffle was purchased at a Coach Sample sale with I worked there as a Contractor. It was part of their exotic collection.
It’s dimensions are 22 inches wide, 12 high and 15 deep.


The only imperfection is some scuffing on the bottom corners.




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