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At Hard to Find, you will find people, information and things that are hard to find, or that help you find what is hard to find. Tips, resources, products and services can be found here.

This site is part directory, part blog.


Lost friends, people who own you money, members of your family, experts, specialists and more are sometimes hard to find. Looking for that curmudgeon who does not use the internet, looking for information on your great grandfather, your best friend from school?


Looking for that toy you loved as a kid, a part for an old car or device, rare music, a special candy?


Some information has not be digitized, is available off the internet, not well indexed, stored in peoples minds and not transcribed.

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Gaining ability in searching the internet will pay dividends for years. Poke through my blog postings or save time and get the Ebook (Physical Booklet available as well). Reading it will make you a better searcher today.